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Helping Families Have Access to Clean Water and Air

A Family Business Since 1987

Atlantic Water Products was founded by Curtis Wunder and his father, Charles Wunder, in 1987. Curt stumbled upon the water treatment business and was immediately intrigued. Curt contacted the owner of a local RainSoft® business and immediately realized the potential of the company. He decided to purchase the company and from that point forward, Curt became an advocate for helping families have access to clean, healthy water and air.

A husband of 33 years, a father of 3 daughters and grandfather of 2 (with another on the way!), Curt has worked hard to make  Atlantic Water Products a success. Curt values the importance and strength of family and applies his “family first” motto to his close knit Atlantic Water Products team also. This sense of family also extends to our customers through the Mid-Atlantic region of Delaware, central and south New Jersey, southeastern Pennsylvania and eastern Maryland.

Top RainSoft® Dealer in the Mid-Atlantic Region

With over 80 employees, many who have been with the company for over 15 years, Atlantic Water Products was the Number One RainSoft office and dealer in the Mid-Atlantic Region and Number Five RainSoft dealer in the world in 2017. Many Atlantic Water Product employees and managers also won awards this past year for reaching goals and providing outstanding service.

RainSoft award winning dealer

Award Winning Service For 30+ Years

#1 RainSoft Dealer in the Mid-Atlantic

#5 RainSoft Dealer in the World

John R. Grayson Customer Satisfaction Award

Recipient of John R. Grayson Customer Satisfaction Award every year, since its inception in 1995

30 Years of Outstanding Dealer Performance

2019 RainSoft Award for 30 Years of Service in Recognition of Outstanding Dealer Performance

Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Award

95% Voice of the Customer Satisfaction Award, Presented by Home Depot

About Our Commitment to Clean Water Access For All

Curt’s passion for providing families with clean water and air extends beyond the Mid-Atlantic region. As a board member of the nonprofit organization MANNA Worldwide, Curt has traveled the world, bringing safe water to impoverished areas around the globe. Curt introduced RainSoft to MANNA’s mission, and together, they work to provide basic necessities, including food and safe water, to poverty stricken children and families around the world.

More About MANNA Worldwide

MANNA Worldwide

Together, RainSoft corporate and their authorized dealer network, including Atlantic Water Products, are working alongside MANNA Worldwide by providing funding for education, water wells, food, clothing and orphanages in some of the most impoverished places in the world. MANNA Worldwide estimates that nearly half the world’s children – approximately 1 billion – are living in poverty, and 1 in 5 children across the globe don’t have access to safe water. Without a reliable source of safe water close to home, children often fall victim to disease and can’t attend school. In addition, a lack of water hinders efforts to grow nutritious food.

Manna Worldwide is committed to keeping overhead expenses at 10% or less so that the vast majority of funds raised go to help children in need. RainSoft and Atlantic Water Products also support Mango Tree Coffee, a company that donates 100% of its proceeds from coffee sales to help fund the orphanages, classrooms, feeding centers, and clean water campaigns of MANNA Worldwide in those struggling communities.

RainSoft and Atlantic Water Products aren’t  just committed to better water – we are committed to a better world.

Mango Tree Coffee

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