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Enjoy Fresher, Cleaner Water

A new home water treatment system can alleviate:

Bad tasting tap water

Cloudy water

Chlorine water odor

Fishy water odor

Rotten egg water odor

Scale build-up on appliances

Water staining on bathtubs and sinks

Lack of suds in the washing machine

Dull limp hair and dry skin

Scale build-up on fixtures and showerheads

Great Tasting Tap Water

Break the water bottle habit with delicious water, staight from the tap. 

Atlantic Water Products is the top RainSoft® dealer in the mid-Atlantic area, with over 30 years of installation and service experience. Our certified clean water experts will test your water and help you find the best water treatment solution for your home.  With the right system, you can eliminate bad tastes and odors caused by chlorine, low pH, sediment, iron, sulfur, or manganese.

Do You Know What Is in Your Water?

Better Water Is Best For Bathing and Appliances

From bathing and showering, to cooking and laundry, RainSoft water treatment solutions can help your coffee, tea and soups taste better, your laundry smell fresher and your appliances look cleaner. With a wide range of water conditioning, water purification, ultraviolet water disinfection and reverse osmosis solutions, we can solve your water woes. Rid your home of rust stains in the tub and toilet, chlorine taste in your water and more.

Atlantic Water has been a great experience, and everyone we have encountered has been helpful and knowledgeable. We have noticed a difference in the taste and feel of the water, and noticed that our dishes look cleaner and clothes look brighter. We would recommend this product and company.

Top RainSoft® Dealer in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Atlantic Water Products Installs and Services the Best RainSoft Water Solutions

Water Conditioning Systems

  • EC5 Water Conditioning System
  • EC5-CAB Water Conditioing System
  • TC-M Water Conditioning System

Problem Solving Filters

  • Whole House Carbon Filtration System
  • Semi-Automatic Carbon Filtration System
  • EC4 OyxTech™
  • EC5 OyxTech™
  • RCUV Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

Drinking Water Solutions

  • Ultrafiner II
  • Hydrefiner II

More Water Treatment Solutions

WaterTech® Infinity Series Filtration

We also install and service WaterTech Infinity water filtration solutions.

LeFay Ayers Rock Filter

This alkaline single filter attaches to a reverse osmosis system for an upgraded water drinking experience. 

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