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Schedule a FREE in-home water and air analysis with a RainSoft expert

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Award-Winning RainSoft Dealer

We proudly install and service RainSoft products in the Mid-Atlantic region

For 30+ years, Atlantic Water Products has trusted RainSoft home water treatment and air purification products for our customers. We offer water and air testing, RainSoft system installation and maintenance in Delaware, south and central New Jersey, southeastern Pennsylvania and eastern Maryland.

Why Choose RainSoft?

Highest Standards

All RainSoft products are tested and certified by the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal Program for product integrity.

An American Company

RainSoft water and air treatment systems are assembled and shipped from the RainSoft Chicago factory.

Money Saving Value

With softer water, you can use less soap and detergent, and water-using applicances will last longer.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

RainSoft stands by its products with the industry’s most comprehensive warranties.

RainSoft Solutions

Start With a Complimentary In-Home Water and Air Test

As an authorized RainSoft dealer, Atlantic Water Products offers in-home water and air testing to homeowners free of charge. When you schedule your water and air tests, we’ll send an expert to your home to analyze the water from your kitchen tap and air in your home. We will share the results with you, right there in your kitchen. Then we will recommend the best solutions to address the specific problems identified in your water and air.

Solutions Include:

Water Conditioning Systems

Hard Water Solutions

EC5 Water Conditioning System

Computer-controlled water conditioner for softened water throughout your home. System monitoring now available on your smart devices. 

EC5-CAB Water Conditioning System

Goes beyond water softening to also filter, clarify, and polish your water, as well as reduce ferrous iron.

TC-M Water Conditioning System

Uses an electronic timer to keep soft water flowing throughout your home at all hours of the day.

Drinking Water Systems

Water Purification Solutions

Ultrefiner II

Reverse Osmosis System, installed under the kitchen sink. Three multi-stage filters purify tap water and address virtually any drinking water concern. An Alkaline filter can be added for an upgraded drinking experience.

Hydrefiner II

Carbon block filtration dramatically reduces chlorine and other impurities that cause bad tastes and odors. Fits neatly under the sink.

Problem Solving Filters

Target Chemicals and Metals in Water

Whole House Carbon Filtration System

Reduce the amount of chlorine and a wide variety of other contaminants that affect the way your water tastes.

Semi-Automatic Whole-House Carbon Filtration System

Reduce chlorine in your water. Requires no electricity or time monitoring. An automatic bypass allows you to continue receiving water during regeneration.

EC4 OxyTech™ Whole-House Water Filtration System

Eliminate problems caused by excessive iron, sulfur, and manganese with this fully automatic, chemical-free solution. Get rid of the egg smell in your water and stains on appliances and fixtures. 

EC5 OxyTech™ Whole-House Water Filtration System

Fix bad sulfur odors or stains caused by iron or manganese in your water with this fully automatic, chemical-free solution. Includes connectivity to the RainSoft Remind® app.

RCUV Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

Uses Ultraviolet Light Technology, without the use of chemicals, to reduce some of the most common microorganisms found in water. Protects your family from waterborne cysts, bacteria & viruses.

Air & Laundry Solutions

A Truly Clean House Starts Here

CleanStart Laundry

Eco-friendly, oxidizing clean. Uses the same cleaning technology developed by RainSoft for commercial clients like Marriott and Hilton.

Airmaster Ultra

Whole house air purifier uses ultraviolet light and ozone technology to neutralize cooking and pet odors and kill airborne bacteria and molds.

Improve Your Air and Water Quality With RainSoft

Step 1: Get a Free Test

Request a free water and/or air quality evaluation. We will contact you to schedule an in-home or at-work evaluation at your convenience, with COVID-19 protocols in place.

Step 2: In-Home Evaluation

We will test your water and air quality at your home or workplace. We will review your results and talk about what you would like to improve. No hard sells, just honest advice.

Step 3: The Right Solution

We will help you choose the best solution for your home or workplace. Leaders in the industry since 1987, we know the best rated systems inside and out.

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