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Improve Your Air and Water Quality at Home Or Work

Step 1: Get a Free Test

Request a free water test and/or air quality evalution. We will contact you to schedule an in-home or at-work evalutation at your convenience, with COVID-19 protocols in place. 

Step 2: In-Home Evaluation

We will test your water and air quality at your home or workplace. We will review your results and talk about what you would like to improve. No hard sells, just honest advice.

Step 3: The Right Solution

We will help you choose the best solution for your home or workplace. Leaders in the industry since 1987, we know the best rated systems inside and out.

Enjoy Fresher, Cleaner Water

A new home water treatment system can alleviate:

Bad tasting tap water

Cloudy water

Chlorine water odor

Fishy water odor

Rotten egg water odor

Scale build-up on appliances

Water staining on bathtubs and sinks

Lack of suds in the washing machine

Dull limp hair and dry skin

Scale build-up on fixtures and showerheads

Breathe Easier 

Inhale the pure joy of a fresh-smelling, air-purified home

Neutralize cooking odors

Neutralize pet odors

Limit exposure to ultrafine particles

Kill airborne bacteria

Kill airborne molds

Better air quality for allergies and asthma

enjoy cleaner air at home

Atlantic Water has been a great experience, and everyone we have encountered has been helpful and knowledgeable. We have noticed a difference in the taste and feel of the water, and noticed that our dishes look cleaner and clothes look brighter. We would recommend this product and company.

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